Faith Inkubators Resources

Grow junior youth small groups into senior youth ministry groups over time with this family-centred, arts-based approach to confirmation ministry.

Celebrate the faith with art, music, skits, gameshows and caring relationships. Blend learning with servanthood and fellowship with our time-tested methods.

Then pull parents into the process of their own children’s faith journey every night in every home with our Home Journals.

Sing, sign, and art from one end of the Bible to the other with this vibrant new method of connecting children's education, worship and the home.

Bible Song engages the whole body as a learning tool using cartoons, art, scriptures in song (verbatim), and sign language. Create it in church and bring the scriptures home seven nights a week with the Bible Song Cartoon Journals.

In the end, 120 verses (at least one from every book in the Bible) will be highlighted in children’s Bibles and committed to memory.

Nurture the nurturers and help parents keep their promises to God with these eight short courses for parenting faithful young people.

Faith Stepping Stones equips and calls parents to grow a home where simple faith practices are deepened and caring communication happens every night.

Teach them to bless the babies, pray with the toddlers, share Highs & Lows with their kindergartners, read scriptures nightly with their young readers and continue communication all through adolescence.