Bible Song + About

The Bible Song Mission

To connect parents and children with one another and with the Bible every week in every congregation and every night in every home.

The Bible Song Method

Bible Song is designed to connect children and family ministry to the home, and the home to worship.

First we immerse young people in a thorough understanding of a key Bible story by "Singing, arting and signing through the Scriptures" each week.

Next, we connect church with the home in a nightly five-minute "Home Huddle."

The week’s scripture theme is added to caring conversations and fun with families who commit to doing The Faith Five: 1) Sharing Highs & Lows, 2) Reading/Singing/Signing the week’s scripture verse together, 3) Talking about their day, 4) Praying for one another’s highs and lows, 5) Blessing one another.

We ask participating parents and children to covenant to making this a key part of their family ritual seven nights a week.

Finally, we invite families back to worship on the following Sunday where their children share the Bible story in song, sign language, Readers’ Theatre, and art with the whole congregation.

The Bible Song Vision

  • Imagine a Children and Family Ministry where children learn key Scriptures in song and sign language each year.
  • Imagine children sharing their Bible songs along with art they create in worship.
  • Imagine worship in a church where the parents are encouraged to attend every Sunday because their children are singing and teaching the congregation scripture using Sign Language (Auslan).
  • Imagine the effects on stewardship, adult education, evangelism and marriages if the majority of families are together in worship the majority of Sundays.
  • Imagine the effects on family communication, Biblical literacy, and overall family ministry when families take Sunday themes home to share Highs & Lows, highlight the verse in family Bibles, sing the song, talk about their days, pray, and bless one another seven nights a week.
  • Imagine confirmation and junior youth ministry when Sunday school teaches Bible verses from Genesis to the Revelation and knows how to sing them back to you verbatim.

You don't have to imagine it.
We're creating it!

If you have any questions about the Faith Inkubators Australia Bible Song system, please contact Faith Inkubators Australia, at