Bible Song + Bible Song Home Journals

“ A new way to connect Children’s Ministry to the home and invite parents & children into the Scriptures every night in every home

Humour, vibrance, and the delightful drawings of a pastor who never grew up come together in this, the first of eight volumes that will take young people and their families on a nightly journey through Scripture.

The people who invented Head to the Heart have now invented a way to bring faith dialogue into the home. It is longer, later, and a whole lot earlier. (Oh yeah, and a lot of fun, too.)

The Bible Song Home Journals

(Confirmation?: Explore the Head to the Heart Confirmation Home Journals)

How Exactly Will The Bible Song Home Journals Connect Children’s Ministry To The Home?

  • Provide parents with a convenient "how to" manual to the FAITH FIVE the cornerstone of our ministry's Faith Incubation - Every Night In Every Home mission, to keep lines of communication open during the child's growing years.
  • Provide a keepsake record of the primary years that can be viewed as memories over the years.
    • What was my Low on this date? Was it really as low as I thought it was at the time?
    • What was I praying for? How did God answer my prayers?
    • How did God use me to further God's work on earth?
  • Provide FINKlinks with each lesson to direct users to specific pages on where they can:
    • Listen to and/or download Faith Inkubators music from iTunes
    • Play games online
    • View and/or purchase posters by world-renowned artist He Qi

The Home Journal and Your Family

Your congregation can help keep them together in a world that can tear them apart.

Model each week how to "take five" (five minutes and five steps) each night and use the Home Journal to help them grow closer as a family while deepening their relationship to God at the same time. It's not as tough as it seems. Be intentional and set expectations. You will be amazed at the results!

The Home Journals are designed to connect what is learned at church with a nightly conversation in the home. The whole process relates the big themes of God to a family's daily life.

Here are the FAITH FIVE™ (five minutes and five steps) that can change a family as outlined in the Living Journals:

  1. Share your Highs & Lows of the day (the best and worst thing that happened)
  2. Read and highlight the Bible verse of the day in your Bibles
  3. Talk about how today's verse relates to your Highs & Lows
  4. Pray for your Highs & Lows, for your family and for the world
  5. Bless one another before turning the lights out each night

Each Home Journal is designed as a legacy piece. Record thoughts, hopes, and prayers each night and you'll have a fun and valuable resource to look back upon your journey for years to come.

If you have any questions about the Faith Inkubators Australia Bible Song system, please contact Faith Inkubators Australia, at