Bible Song + Bible Song Music CD's

“ Bible Song Music CDs now available in Australia!

In Bible Song children, parents and caregivers sing, sign and art through the Bible.

Due to popular demand we now have Bible Song Music CDs in Australia.

Children and families can sing along with their favourite Bible Song songs on CD from all four theme sets.

A Bible verse set to music "sticks" better.

You can begin singing your way through the Bible and memorise scripture for life!

All Bible Song Music CDs are two-CD sets. CD #1 contains the vocal mix and CD #2 contains the exclusive Instrumental Mix for singing along at church or at home.

Bible Song songs are also available as downloads from iTunes music store.

The Bible Song Music CD's

  • Jake's Dream
    Jake's Dream
    Two-CD Set
    Music from the Book of Moses
  • David Danced
    David Danced
    Two-CD Set
    Music from Into the Promised Land
  • The Good News
    The Good News
    Two-CD Set
    Songs from Matthew - John
  • Word Spreads
    Word Spreads
    Two-CD Set
    Songs from Acts - Philemon

If you have any questions about the Faith Inkubators Australia Bible Song system, please contact Faith Inkubators Australia, at