Bible Song + What You Get

“ Connect kids, involve parents, and have fun with Children and family ministry

What's in the box?

An annual membership in Bible Song ministry entitles your church to unlimited access to Old & New Testament Themesets:

  • Choose to either access the resources via the BibleSong Online Library (Members receive access information) or 'hard copy' resource DVD ROM package.
  • Theme Files: Everything you need for 75 BibleSong themes.
  • 75 PowerPoint® Theme Presentations including a Bible Book Rap, Theme in Art, "Name that Verse" music game, Theme introductions with the verse and Cartoon Reader's Theatre slides, plus Closing with prayer and a blessing.
  • 75 Worship PowerPoint® Presentations with the Cartoon Readers' Theatre slides and theme song lyric templates for adding your own original youth art in worship.
  • 75 Photo-Reproducible Student Cartoon Handouts (PDF) with theme art, verse, a cartoon story to give the context of each theme by the Rev. Rich Melheim, "Name That Verse" game, and FAITH 5 suggestions.
  • 75 Humourous Reader's Theatre Skits to involve everyone in telling the story dramatically. The PowerPoint® presentation includes slides with the cartoon to be shown during Reader's Theatre.
  • 75 Faith Inkubators PowerPoint® Karaoke Slides with embedded songs for learning and signing theme scriptures "verbatim" from the NRSV.
  • 75 Piano Scores and Lead Sheets for those wishing to play along with the karaoke version of each song. (Or perform the music live!)
  • 75 Art Themes by Christian artist He Qi to inspire your artists to create their own thematic art.
  • "Art Attack" small group art assignments for each week includes 7 suggestions for each age group and can be used for rotational design.
  • "Bible Song Memory Match Games" including a Cartoon Edition and a He Qi Edition to preview/review lesson themes.
  • Auslan (Australian Sign Language) Resources to learn the verses with muscle memory. Attaching movement to meaning and music is the most potent whole-brain learning tool you have available for short-term attention and long-term retention! We have produced Auslan resources for 60 of the Bible Song themes. This step-by-step learning tool is designed to teach the teacher six to eight key words from each verse. The resource includes both an Auslan song tutorial and song demonstration. Eventually all BibleSongs will be supported with Auslan teaching resources. For the balance of 15 songsI we'd suggest you use the Auslan online sign bank (www, to learn the signs for key words in the verses. Idea: Enlist a key volunteer to take on the Auslan signing leadership.
  • Theme Song Music: 75 Bible Verse Songs.
  • The Bible Song Manual found in the Leadership Toolbox contains the vision, basics and more detailed instructions on how best to implement Bible Song.

Of course, the intangibles include:

  • Kids who know the Bible before hormones!
  • Parents who attend worship with their kids.
  • Families who take Sunday home with them Monday through Saturday.
  • Worship that is enlivened by children regularly teaching Bible in song and art to the congregation.
  • Christian Education/Discipleship with teens that doesn’t have to start from scratch trying to build a Biblical frame of reference.

*NRSV Bibles and highlighters are recommended for each participant but are not included.

If you have any questions about the Faith Inkubators Australia Bible Song system, please contact Faith Inkubators Australia, at