Head to the Heart + About Head to the Heart

“ Teach more effectively, disciple more young people, and equip more parents for ministry at home

About Head to the Heart Confirmation/Youth Ministry

Head to the Heart (H2H) is a relational, parent-involved, small group ministry system that challenges churches and parents to expect more out of confirmation and junior youth ministry.

The Goal

The goal of H2H is not just to "get through" the junior years, but to grow junior youthsmall groups into senior youth small groups and to equip families to be involved in faith conversationwith each other at home.

How Is This Done?

H2H provides engaging, brain-based teaching materials including object lessons, art, music, gameshows, skits, PowerPointŪ presentations, beautiful home journals, and more, and wraps it all in a small-group system that surrounds young people with a whole lot of love and care.

How Can Head to the Heart Help My Ministry?

If you're simply looking for new materials, we think that H2H has some of the best around. However, the true benefitto your young people, their parents, and your congregation lays in the total H2H system, not in its materials. It is this system that brings life to what has traditionally been one of the most challenging ministries of the church, and equips parents to be active participants in the faith lives of their children.

Go Deeper

If you have any questions about the Faith Inkubators Australia Head to the Heart system, please contact Faith Inkubators Australia, at bcyfm@lca.org.au.