FINKlink + Home Journal FINKlinks

When you purchase a new Head to the Heart Home Journal, there are many surprises and fun new online theme-related resources awaiting you online each night to enrich your Home Huddle experience.

Listen to and learn the week's key Bible verse in song (NRSV verbatim) and purchase it as an MP3 file if you wish to carry it along with you all week.

Nightly devotions are online free for those wishing to dig deeper into each verse.

You can view and purchase signed artists proofs of each theme's artwork by China's most amazing contemporary artist, He Qi.

Later this year, you can play the FINKmania Quiz Bowl live with family and friends.

You can enter a FINKlink code (found throughout the Head to the Heart Home Journals) and expand your Home Huddle online.

Here is a screenshot of a sample FINKlinks page:

FINKLINK sample page