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Bless, Gift and Call Parents

Faith Stepping Stones is a family ministry system that pulls parents into the role of primary faith mentors for their own children every night in every home.

Faith incubation doesn't happen in a vacuum. It doesn't happen overnight. It must be nurtured over time. Faith Stepping Stones is a process that bonds parents and children into the body of Christ at eight crucial moments in parenting and leads them to incubate faith every night in every home. It provides faith-based parenting education from cradle to graduation through a series of eight short-courses. Each course brings parents and children together for fun and learning, and ends at the altar with a special blessing service.

Through this process, parents and children develop nightly faith practices that includes blessing, prayer, scripture reading, sharing of Highs & Lows, faith dialogue, and a nightly "I'm sorry" before turning out the lights on the day. This "every night in every home" ritual blesses the child, gifts the family, and calls parents to their promise while incubating faith.

The Faith Stepping Stones Mission

To bless the child, gift the family, and call parents to the promise every night in every home.

The Faith Stepping Stones Method

Redesigning faith education from a once-a-week church program into a natural process that takes place every night in every home, with parents equipped to be the faith mentors and guides for their own children, and with church serving as reinforcement of--not a replacement for--the parents' duties.

Faith Stepping Stones Overview

After eight years of concept work and field testing. Faith Inkubators introduces eight short courses--29 sessions in total--designed to help congregations help parents keep their promises to God at eight critical moments ("Faith Stepping Stones") in parenting.

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