Faith Five

The FAITH Five (Faith Acts In The Home) is the cornerstone of our ministry's Faith Incubation - Every Night In Every Home mission

Click on the media player to see how one family puts into practice the 5 simple steps Faith Inkubators calls the FAITH 5.

Thank you to the Gladigau family of Loxton for modelling what the FAITH 5 looks like in their home. This presentation was part the General Synod of the Lutheran Church Australia held in Croydon, 2009

Here are the FAITH FIVE (five minutes and five steps) that can change a family

  1. Share your Highs & Lows of the day (the best and worst thing that happened)
  2. Read and highlight the Bible verse of the day in your Bibles
  3. Talk about how today's verse relates to your Highs & Lows
  4. Pray for your Highs & Lows, for your family and for the world
  5. Bless one another before turning the lights out each night

The whole process relates the big themes of God to a family's daily life. The same five steps can be modelled every week in the life of the congregation 'showing' families how to take five (five minutes and five steps) each night to help them grow closer as a family while deepening their relationship to God at the same time. It's not as tough as it seems. Be intentional and set expectations. You will be amazed at the results!