Head to the Heart + FAQs

Head to the Heart membership includes access to 90+ themes. How am I going to use all this stuff?

Good question. Get used to a world of abundance. Chances are very good that you won’t be able to use all of it. Access to all the great resources of Head to the Heart allows churches the maximum flexibility to teach what they want when they want.

There is no rule that says H2H must be used with Confirmation kids. With a little tweaking, make use of the materials for holiday programming, retreats, senior youth ministry, and maybe even a little secret, remedial adult education!

If we use the Head to the Heart Home Journals, do I still need to print out the standard H2H Thought-Time sheets?

No. The journals cover several bases at once, but from a traditional H2H perspective, think of the journals as the Thought-Time sheets on steroids. In other words, users of the journals would no longer need to print out Thought-Time sheets each week. Each journal lesson contains all of the elements of the standard Thought-Time sheets plus extra materials for the parent-child discussion at home.

What resources are included in the H2H membership?

Your Head to the Heart membership comes to you as either a downloadable resource or ‘hard copy’ CD ROM pack containing 90 lessons of material (master lessons, PowerPoint files, and MP3 theme music), Support files with documents getting you rolling with H2H (how-to articles, our Member Manual set-up guide, Tech Manual, Guide Training manual, and more). 30 of these lessons have been ‘Aussie-fied’ in regard to Australian English and culture. All of the music is included as part of your PowerPoint files. H2H music is also now available for purchase from iTunes. Simply search for the name of your theme set in the iTunes store to buy music.

Where are the “brain notes” in the PowerPoint files?

The brain notes are embedded in the PowerPoint files as a small coloured rectangle in the upper left-hand corner of the slides while in normal view (small vertical slides on the left, bigger slide to the right).

Is it okay to combine themes?

Based on experience, we strongly advise against it. If you want to cover the information and make sure it sticks, you’re best served with a focused presentation twice a month. Special retreats or summer camps can be planned each year to cover additional topics.

How many themes do I need to cover in a year?

We think that most churches run Head to the Heart from February/March through November. With nine-ten months of events that averages out to 18 -20 themes a year during the confirmation/youth ministry schedule.

How do I take into account young people of different ages, academic level, and background? H2H takes multi-faceted brain-based learning theory into account the same theme can be processed by young people at their own level. In H2H, the “rubber meets the road” when small groups care, share, and process the main teaching presentation together. Small groups allow young people to ask questions and explore the topic at their own pace.

How would I plan a one, two or three-year program?

With H2H now unlimited, you can plan whatever you want whenever you want.

The system looks pretty involved. Do I need a lot of training?

Short Answer: No. H2H is more than just a toolbox of resources for confirmation. If you realise this, are willing to recruit parents in the process, and generally are comfortable in giving ministry responsibility away (freeing yourself to do the things you do best) you’ll be fine.

Long Answer: If you want more, Faith Inkubators Australia offers a variety of training opportunities to get you going and keep you fresh. We will be listening to what your needs are and responding with appropriate training.

Why don’t I cover a lesson each week?

Head to the Heart is more than curriculum. It is a ministry system designed for learning, service, and fellowship. If you don’t take the time to implement the other tried-and-true elements of the system (service events, fellowship events, and home devotions), you’re just cramming a square peg (H2H) into a round hole (traditional confirmation).